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Film Trailers

The film Niupela Umba tells the story of Umba Peter and his transformation from perpetrator to a male advocator speaking out against sorcery accusation related violence. We hear from the people around him and those living in his community, in Banana Block in Goroka, how Umba has become a role model for young people. Niupela Umba is an inspiring story of a young man who has developed a caring and respectful way to engage with his family and community as he navigates through the various challenges in life.

The film Tribal Sisters tells the story of three women who created a movement to stop tribal fighting in the Kup Valley in the Simbu Province of Papua New Guinea. They share how they brought together women from different tribes to stand up for their right to safety. Today, the organisation Kup Women for Peace implements their peace building and mediation strategies to addressed sorcery accusation related violence in the Highlands region.