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Responding to COVID-19 | Kafe Women’s Association participates in WOW Global 24

By 13/07/2020July 27th, 2020No Comments

The experiences of KUSWA in responding to COVID-19 in their surrounding communities have been documented in a video for the Global Women of the World (WOW) Festival. In the video, Eriko Fufurefa, Erina Erick and Umba Peter discuss their challenges and solutions to responding to COVID-19. During the national state of emergency, KUSWA addressed the fears experienced by the sick and also by health workers in Goroka. They supported women to access services and mediated with health workers to ensure patients were attended to. The organisation travelled to remote areas to carry out information sessions. They worked through their networks to increase and deepen understanding around the issue. Their networks included Health Services, the Police, the Eastern Highlands Governor, the local Member for Henganofi and Oxfam International. KUSWA’s work was instrumental in saving lives, providing support to the most vulnerable and in carrying out important work in remote communities.

KUSWA – COVID-19 Response in PNG from Yumi Piksa on Vimeo.