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Agnes Titus

Advocacy Coordinator, Nazareth Centre for Rehabilitation

Umba Peter

Male Advocator, Kafe Womens Association

Angela Apa

DirectorKup Women for Peace

Roy Daniels

Screening Coordinator
Kedu Seif Haus

John Kaiglo

Media Officer, Kup Women for Peace

Lyna Gene

Family Support Centre, Kerowagi

Jacobeth Sigao

Kafe Women's Association

Kenneth Solomon

Volunteer, Kafe Women's Association

Kenneth Solomon has been a volunteer with Kafe Urban’s Settlers’ Women’s Association in Goroka over the past 15 years. Kenneth participates in a number of awareness raising programs and he is a key focal point supporting referrals and providing referral pathways to those affected by violence. He mediates on social issues that happen in his community for example by organising the youths and encouraging them to take the lead. Over the past five years, Kenneth has frequently shared his own house with survivors of sorcery accusation related violence. He has supported them but working with the local churches and businesses to ensure that they would have a place to stay and could later re-integrate back to their community. Despite the many challenges that this work involved, Kenneth continues to support those in need and as such is an important role model for young people in his community.

“I see that victims have no one to speak out for them, some people support sorcery accusation. The accused think that they are wrong and they often have no way to reach out for help. Therefore I usually step in and support the victims. I house them and advice them to referral pathways through KUSWA and the police. I also educate youths about issues of concern. I try to tell them to take the lead to speak about social issues affecting the communities. One of my main approaches is that I tell them to take the lead and talk about sorcery related violence and gender-based violence. I see that by taking lead they will feel responsible for their people and their community as a whole.”

Farrah Nipuega

Kedu Seif Haus

Jackie Kauli

Research Fellow
Queensland University of Technology

Elias Alex

Technical Officer

Wendy Safi

Administrative Officer

Verena Thomas

Senior Research Fellow
Queensland University of Technology