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Filming in Simbu and Eastern Highlands Province

By 29/08/2018April 29th, 2019No Comments

The filming for the Highlands documentaries included about 8-10 days of shooting per province.

The films capture the collective efforts and relationships of community members and role models to tell stories of positive change in addressing sorcery accusation related violence.

In Simbu, we captured the story of Kup Women for Peace, and how they addressed gender issues and tribal fights to set the foundation to also address sorcery accusation related violence. The strategies developed, which address the relational fabric of Simbu society, serve as a key case study in addressing violence in Highlands communities.

In Goroka, the film centres around Umba Peter’s transformation as a former perpetrator. His digital story was identified as one of the most impactful among audiences and therefore is being explored in depth in the documentary film. We learn about Umba’s upbringing, the choices he made and the support networks that he had access to. His story of transformation links in with his active engagement with young people and sports, and we capture his journey as assistant coach of the Lahanis rugby team who won the National finals in 2018.

The filming included a collaboration on camera operation with CSCM staff Dilen Doiki, Project Staff Elias Alex, and Jake Malpass, a recent graduate from QUT Creative Industries and camera operator.

You can view the trailers for the two films here